25 Top Pit Bull Girl Names.

“The only thing inherently dangerous about Pit Bulls is an uneducated opinion.” -Anonymous Photo by: @aspen_fay 1.Aspen – Inspired by nature. This girly name is ideal for any pit bull in your life. origin: English 2. Baby – This is a very endearing name for your special girl. Whether she’s a small puppy or strong adult, this will fit perfectly! origin: American 3. Tammy – This name is usually a nickname for other names such as Tamara or Tamar. It is super unique and very cute! origin: Hebrew 4. Tilly – meaning mighty, Any muscular active girl would make a great Tilly! origin: German Photo by: @tilly_the_pittyy 5. Daphne – Meaning bay tree, this will suit your adventurous girl. She loves to be outside and can spend hours playing in the yard. origin: Greek 6. Greta – This lovely name means “pearl.” Any cute girl would fit to this nicely! origin: German Photo by: @baby.girl.greta 7. Farrah – This royal name means beauty. An exceptional name for your gorgeous pitty. origin: Persian 8. Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting. This can be used for your pit bull who loves using their senses to find things. Whether it be toys, treats, or small prey. origin: Greek Photo by: @artemis_the_bully 9. Canella – meaning canal, this will fit your favorite swimmer perfectly! Any pit bull who loves the ocean or fresh water should be named Canella. origin: Italian […]

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