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You Can Customize Almost ANYTHING To Have Your Pet On It!

Are you one of those crazy obsessed pet parents that want your fur ball on display for everyone? Or maybe you just love to use personal, meaningful decorations around your home. Either way, Pet Canva has got you covered! Photo by: @genesis.gsd This company will help bring your images to life! They offer so many different options, the list is […]

Incredible Facts About the Bluetick Coonhound That Will Make You Want One!

Photo by: @leaveittobentley This mesmerizing breed is one of a kind! 1. Fast and Muscular. The Bluetick Coonhound has an extremely muscular body. Their weight can range from 45 to 100 pounds. What a drastic difference! Known for being speedy and vigilant they use this to their advantage. 2. Gorgeous Coat! This breed has a beautiful tri-color coat. It’s a […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick | Hodge House Bandana Co.

Are you looking for a special bandana for your pup? Maybe something that sticks out from all of other bandanas out there… Hodge House Bandanas offer REVERSIBLE bandanas for all sizes! The advantage of owning a reversible bandana is, that youโ€™re basically getting two bandanas in one! What I Love: ๐Ÿ’œ Thick, high quality material ๐Ÿ’œ You can customize your […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick | Benebone

A dog’s dream bone! Benebone dog toys are among many of the popular options out there. What makes them better than the rest? Keep reading… The Wishbone is designed with your pup in mind! They are formulated to be easy to handle for all dogs. What I Love: โœท High quality toys โœท Made in the U.S.A โœท Fantastic customer […]

The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families!

Photo by: @golden_rhettriever 1. Golden Retriever This friendly breed is the perfect pup for the family! They are very versatile and easy to please. Their even temperament make them great family pets. Photo by: @apoodlecalledhank 2. Poodle The Poodle is incredibly smart and easy to train. They love exercise so they are great for an active family! Photo by: @cookie_the_bulldog […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick | Big Daddy Biscuits

Handmade in Georgia, these biscuits are made with all natural ingredients and LOTS of love! Big Daddy Biscuits believes in providing the highest quality treats for your pup. What I Love: ๐Ÿงก They offer grain-free options ๐Ÿงก Human-grade ingredients ๐Ÿงก They offer more than just biscuits ๐Ÿงก Handmade in the U.S.A ๐Ÿงก Locally sourced Both of my dogs went absolutely […]

What I Love About the Australian Shepherd.

Photo by: @aussie_ringo Photo by: @aussie.fever 3. They have beautiful eyes! These pups have incredibly amazing eyes! They are usually very pale or light colored. Some Aussies even have heterochromia. This is when your eyes are two different colors. 4. Sacred to the Native Americans. The Australian Shepherd was held very high in the eyes of the Native Amercians. They […]

25 Top Yorkshire Terrier Girl Names.

Photo by: @stella_mylittleyork 1. Stella – For the star in your life! Itโ€™s a great name for any yorkie. origin: Latin 2. Prudence – Meaning “good judgement.” This name is super unique! origin: Latin 3. Baby – For your baby sized pup! This name is very endearing. origin: American 4. Samoa – A great name for a dog that loves […]

Mixed Breeds of the Month | February 2020

poodle + labrador retriever Photo by: @loki_australian_doodle German shepherd dog + Alaskan malamute Photo by: @itsbeccadawg doberman pinscher + ? Photo by: @sillymilliebean Labrador Retriever + Dalmatian Photo by: @dillythedalidor Jack RUSSEL terrier + pug Photo by: @derick_the_jug golden retriever + poodle Photo by: @your_dood_teddy German shepherd dog + chow chow + Labrador retriever + poodle Photo by: @zeppelinzoomies

8 Ways Youโ€™re Unknowingly Harming Your Dog.

1. Feeding them horrible ingredients. Some dog food and treats contain terrible by-products and chemicals. Stay away from things like: Meat and grain meals Xylitol Rendered fat Ethoxyquin 2. Not exercising your pet. Dogs are very active animals who need stimulation. Depriving your dog of fun and exercise will shorten their life in the long run. It can also lead […]

The Most Delicious Dog Bakery | Paws Off The Table

If you’re looking for an extra special treat for your pooch, look no further! These gourmet cookies and custom cakes will do the trick. Paws Off The Table offers several beautifully decorated dog treats for your pup to enjoy! What I Got: What I Love: ๐Ÿ’• Adorable and professional packaging! Paws Off The Table does an excellent job making sure […]

10 Ways to Tire Your Dog out.

Photo by: @zeyathetroll 1. Playing Fetch This might seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. A game of fetch is the perfect way to keep your dog focused on one thing, while tiring their energy out. 2. Taking a Walk Dogs benefit tremendously from daily walks. They get to explore new scents and places, as well as burn […]

25 Top Yorkshire Terrier Boy Names.

Photo by: @teddytheyorkie9 1. Teddy – This cute and cuddly name is such a great option! The Yorkshire Terrier very much resembles a warm teddy bear. origin: English 2. Diego – This name is super adorable! It is sure to fit your little guy. origin: Latin 3. Bailey – A wonderful name with many cute nicknames. This is best for […]

Why You Should Adopt From a Shelter.

Photo by: One of the most satisfying things you can do in life is adopt an animal. The need for homeless animals is an ongoing struggle that just seems to increase everyday. So many stray, abused, returned animals end up in rescues for no fault of their own. Here are a few we love, โžผ Florida – Born Free Pet […]

The Joy of Owning a Labradoodle!

Photo by: This fun breed is known for many amazing features! Enjoy our breakdown of this Poodle Labrador mix. They come in 3 different sizes! โžผ Miniature – Between 14 and 16 inches, and weigh between 15 to 25 pounds. โžผ Medium – Between 17 and 20 inches, and weigh between 30 to 45 pounds. โžผ Standard – Between […]

Best Dog Toys of January 2020!

Spunky Pup fetch & glow ball Photo by: @sammy_the_senior_dachshund Dog rope toy – mini – boots & barkley Photo by: @neelatheweina KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy Photo by: @fluffy.husky.chief Margarita loco by lulubelles power plush Photo by: @bluebellethefloof nerf 3-ring tug dog toy Photo by: @finniganbernardcollins vibrant life cozy buddy sock monkey Photo by: @itsapollothehusky KONG safestix dog toy […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick: Zesty Paws

If you’re in the market or just curious about healthy pet products, you’re in luck! Zesty Paws offer a wide variety of products. They carry healthy bites, broth boosters, shampoo & conditioner, dental spray, probiotics, and fish oil. These items contain amazing, fortifying ingredients. Mobility Broth Booster They provide products for dogs in all stages of life. From puppy to […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick: MOD

Are you looking for a company that cares about the quality of their products? MOD definitely does! From collars to leashes and even apparel, they got you covered. Their unique patterns make them stand out from others. Photo by: @genesis.gsd One great thing about these sets is the affordability of them! For under $30 you get not only a high […]

When Your Dog Gets Old.

Don’t we all wish our pets could live forever. OR at least longer than the 8 to 15 years we are granted with them. Heck, if you’ve made it past 10 your a lucky pet owner! Although it’s inevitable, there are some surefire ways to prolong your pooches life. We have collected the best tips for you, and even included […]

Mixed Breeds of the Month | January 2020

No better way to start 2020 than with a collection of the cutest mutts around! Plenty of dogs just like these ones need homes. You can find an abundance of mixed breed dogs in shelters all across the globe. If you are willing to open your heart to a furry friend here are some great rescues. Born Free Pet Shelter […]

Genesis & Gunner’s Pick: Stella’s Styles Studio

Photo by: @genesis.gsd Use code: GENESIS20 Stella’s Styles Studio works hard to make fabulous dog apparel and accessories for pups of all sizes! This up and coming company has a variety of different bandanas and bows to choose from. Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd Use code: GENESIS20 What We Love ๐Ÿ’— Fresh, new designs ๐Ÿ’— Thick, high quality fabric ๐Ÿ’— A wide […]

10 Things Great Pyrenees Are Known For.

Photo by: @capecod.greatpyr Naturally Protective The Great Pyrenees was bred as a livestock guardian dog. This gives them the will to protect their owners. Their everlasting loyalty is one solid trait in all Pyrenees. Photo by: @summit_the_greatpyr Royautรฉ de France This breed was popularized in France during the Renaissance. They were owned by many French royals. The Great Pyrenees was […]

The Benefit of Zignature Dog Food.

Zignature offers tons of different formula pet food for your pup. Their pet food is packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy supplements. Formulas: โžผ Catfish High in protein and great for building muscles and digestion. โžผ Duck A great alternative for dogs with sensitivities. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids! โžผ Goat A lean dog food for an […]

Best Dog Toys of December 2019!

With the holidays approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to find some great last minute toys for your pooch! Lumabone Bacon flavored wishbone Photo by: @genesis.gsd KONG low stuff speckles pig Photo by: @kyiathekorso pet champion interactive durable dog rope toy Photo by: @zuko_therottie Dog mega rope toy Photo by: @whippet_of_oz KONG funster ring dog toy Photo by: @ivar_thedoberman KONG […]

25 Top Goldendoodle Boy Names.

Photo by: @mosbydood 1. Mosby – This name will grow with your pup! It also makes for loads of cute nicknames. origin: English 2. Patrick – An extremely noble name! This is a great dog name for any pup. origin: English 3. Romeo – For the heartbreaker in your life! It’s incredibly popular and a wonderful name. origin: Italian 4. […]

25 Top Goldendoodle Girl Names.

Photo by: @doodlesatlaw 1. Misa – An exotic name that means โ€œbeautiful bloom.โ€ Itโ€™s a wonderful chose for the happy pup in your life! origin: Japanese 2. Acacia – This is a very earthy name. There is actually a plant that blooms yellow flowers called Acacia. origin: Greek 3. Roux – Pronounced ROO, this is a super adorable name for […]

Roscoe’s Pet Bites: Why Less is More.

If you are looking for a simple ingredient dog treat, look no further! Roscoe’s Pet Bites are made with only one ingredient, REAL meat. Follow them on Instagram: @roscoespetbites Currently, they offer two different flavors of treats. Both will be sure to make your pups mouth water! Holy Cow Pig Candy What I love about these treats Only high quality […]

What You Need to Know When Taking Your Dog to a Restaurant.

It is not uncommon to see people out to eat with their dog. More and more restaurants are becoming dog-friendly. Whether you’re wanting to experience something new with your pooch or are traveling and don’t want to leave your pup alone in the car, here are some tips to keep in mind. Photo by: @misskiyaluna 1. Not ALL restaurants are […]

The SAFE Alternative to Raw Bones.

Sometimes antlers and other raw bones can be harmful to your dogs teeth. Certain breeds have a stronger bite force and unknowingly grind down their teeth on these raw bones. Alternative bones that aren’t as hard are a great option and will keep your pups teeth intact. Lumabone specializes in these types of toys and even have dental chews! Lumabone […]

Cutest German-Shorthaired Pointers.

Photo by: @dexterdorisgsp Photo by: @rylie.und.rajee “If you leave, I will eat this house.” Photo by: @rou_thegsp Photo by: @norththegsp “Life without a GSP is POINTLESS.” Photo by: @brown_gsp Photo by: @birddogsisters “Who said it’s not polite to point?”

Basenji: About the Breed.

Photo by: @harvey_thebasenjidog Photo by: @basenji_franky Photo by: @basenji_maru

Mixed Breeds of the Month | December 2019

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Boxer + American Bulldog Photo by: @piper_the_boxer_mix3 Whippet + German Shepherd Dog Photo by: @sheldon_the_whippet Australian Shepherd + Siberian Husky Photo by: @flokitheausky German shepherd dog + Siberian Husky Photo by: @zoeythewhiteshepsky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle Photo by: @mrmilo_the_teddybear boxer + […]

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

There’s only about two bad things that come with owning a dog. One being shedding. There are many reasons why people look for light shedding dogs. Some include: allergies, maintenance, cleanliness etc. For whatever reason your looking for a modest shedder we’ve got you covered! Photo by: @standard_poodle_pals 1. Poodle – Known for their curly coat and cute hair cuts. […]

What You Can/Can’t Feed your Dog this Holiday Season.

My favorite part of the Holiday season is the food! Starting with Thanksgiving and ending with a nice New Years feast. There are tons of yummy foods to experience this time of year and plenty of it to go around! Here we’ll tell you what is safe to give your pooch and what to steer clear from. Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd […]

The Unbelievable Truth About CBD For Dogs.

Whether your looking for a calming remedy for your pup or to help with pain/health issues CBD treats are a great option! Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd Dope Dog Treats offer an array of products infused with CBD Oil. Everything from treats to shampoo! Their ingredient lists are kept short and sweet, leaving out any unnecessary junk. CBD/Hemp Oil is 100% safe […]

Saying Goodbye: How to Cope with the Loss of a Dog.

So today is the worst day of your life. Anyone knows that losing a pet is an indescribable feeling of pain. We don’t get nearly enough time with our dogs before they leave us for the rainbow bridge. And it’s okay to be sad, these pups were our lives! They depended on us for so many things; and we were […]

Best Dog Toys of November 2019!

Photo by: @pierredownthere Pet Molar Bite Toy with Suction Cup Self-Playing Rubber Chew Ball Be Nordic Octopus Ocke ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz Drink Themed Crunchy Water Bottle Dog Toy LEAPS & BOUNDS CHOMP AND CHEW FOAMY MONKEY DOG TOY KONG tires dog toy Nerf dog squeaker ball dog toy frisco muscle plush squeaking tiger dog toy

2019 Gift Guide: 10 Cheap & Easy Gifts for Dog Lovers!

Tis’ the season of giving! If you are stumped on what to get your canine loving friend or family member this year, look no further. Here are some great unique, personalized gifts that won’t break the bank this holiday season! Photo by: @huskysec 2. Clean Ingredient Dog Treats We love our pets, and a gift for them is one less […]

Why I Love Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

Photo by: @harperleethecur Photo by: @paws_that_wander 1. The Catahoula Leopard Dog is an American dog breed. Originating from the swamps of Louisiana, they get their name from the Catahoula Lake. This breed is used for hunting game and are often called “hog dogs.” 2. They have a wide range of coat colors and lengths. Usually, they have a short to […]

10 Inexpensive High Quality Dog Treats.

We want the best for our dogs, so it’s only natural that we want to feed them the best! With so many dog treats on the market it’s hard to tell which ones are safe. Many use cheap harmful ingredients and fillers to stretch their penny. Here are some companies that care about your pup as much as you do!

The Joy of Owning a Rottweiler.

Photo by: @kali_therottie If you think their heads are big, you should see their H E A R T! Photo by: @harpotherotti Photo by: @rufus_the_rotti Photo by: @bodieandakira.the.rottweilers Photo by: @ryder_the_rottweiler

The Beagle: A Man’s Best Friend.

Photo by: @charli.the.beagle ” A home is not complete without the pitter-patter of Beagle feet!” Photo by: @evadivabeagle “I love the breed as they are so loving and mischievous. They can be a handful if not stimulated, but they love to work and learn new things. This is rewarding for not only them but the owner as well!” Photo by: […]

Mixed Breeds of the Month | November 2019

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd Rescuing a “mutt” or “potcake” is one of the most rewarding things you can do. These dogs are counting on you to save them from the traumatic reality which is their life. Border collie + Labrador Retriever + Flat-coated retriever Photo by: @balder_the_mixedbreed Ibizan Hound + German Shorthaired pointer + Brittany Spaniel Photo by: @muffinslllife Shar pei […]

Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?

Photo by: @genesis.gsd Using a kennel to train dogs is a very controversial topic with many pros and cons. While many people go back and forth with what choice is right, they ultimately forget that they do have options! This article is written in hopes of educating more dog owners and providing them with an unbiased opinion. While it is […]

25 Top Corgi Girl Names.

Photo by: @corgiraejepsen 1. Carly Rae – Starting this list off big! Why not chose a two part name for your pup? This makes for loads of nicknames! origin: Gaelic 2. Coco – This endearing name is perfect for your little girl! I would chose this for a brown coated girl. origin: Italian 3. Pollie – Meaning “polite,” this name […]

25 Top Corgi Boy Names.

“Nothing makes me smile more than looking into the eyes of a Pembroke Welsh who loves me!” Photo by: @dobbythehousecorg 1. Dobby – This adorable name is perfect for training! Itโ€™s easy to understand and remember, while not being a common name either. origin: English 2. Adofo – This name is very unique and holds great history. This name means […]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

There are several beliefs on why dogs eat grass. Here’s what we think! 1. They aren’t getting enough fiber. Surprisingly, grass is packed with nutrient. Loaded with fiber, this can be a way for your dog to tell you they need more fiber in their diet. Studies show that after switching a dog to a high fiber diet, the grazing […]

Mixed Breeds of the Month | October 2019

“A dog does not need to be purebred, to be pure at heart.” German Shepherd Dog + Rottweiler + Chow Chow + Boxer + American Staffordshire Terrier Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd German Shepherd Dog + Husky + Collie + Chow Chow Photo by: @misswendylemon Austrialian Shepherd + Poodle Photo by: porter_thegooddood German Shepherd Dog + Great Pyrenees Photo by: @brew_the_rescue Husky […]

German Shepherds: The Land Shark

Photo by: @genesis.gsd This beautiful breed is very interesting and unique! Here are some facts you probably didn’t know. Photo by: Photo by: @turbo.the.wgsd Photo by: @shep.gsd Photo by: @gsdhelios Photo by: @adventuring.amy

The Truth about the Labrador Retriever.

Photo by: @leonidaslabrador Labrador Retrievers: Your automatic best friend. Photo by: @finleigh.thechocolatelab Photo by: @puppy_win Photo by: @sophia_the_blacklab Photo by: @theunofficialhank Photo by: @rosie_lab_life

25 Healthy & Easy Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat!

We love our dogs! So naturally, we want to give them the best. Here are twenty-five foods that are dog friendly: Always feed your dog these foods in moderation. Too much of anything can be bad! 1. Banana Bananas are great for dogs because they are filled with potassium and vitamins. They are a great alternative treat because they are […]

10 Adorable Things About Alaskan Malamutes!

Photo by: @gracie_alusky 1. They are F L U F F Y! These pups have a long thick coat to keep them warm in harsh climates! If you own a Malamute you probably are used to the fur by now! Shedding is impossible to avoid, but can be maintained by frequent brushing. They have two major sheddings a year so […]

Best of Border Collies.

“A house without a Border Collie is clean, quiet, and tidy……. BUT NOT HOME!“ – Anonymous Photo by: @patchy_the_bordiecollie A wide variety of colors! The Border Collie can have several different coat colors! They have one of the largest ranges for a breed standard. All coats colors are beautiful, but here are a few! Black & White Blue Merle Tricolor […]

Best Dog Toys of September 2019!

Photo by: @genesis.gsd Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd With so many options, why settle for anything less than the best? Multipet Loofa “Ruff” Latex Dog Toy Kong Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy Photo by: @white.golden.mila Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer Leaps & Bounds Rope Tug Braided 3 Ring Dog Toy Photo by: @brunothedalmatiann Starmark Bob-A-lot Interactive Dog Toy leaps & bounds play plush hot […]

25 Top Doberman Pinscher Girl Names.

“A dog is love’s purest shadow.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby Photo by: @rubythedobermann 1. Ruby – After the red gemstone. This name is perfect for a red Doberman Pinscher! Also, it would be very fitting for a dobie born in July because of the birthstone aspect. origin: Latin 2. Chanel – Most commonly associated with the famous french designer. This name […]

10 Facts About the Siberian Husky.

An amazing dog with amazing qualities. Photo by: @trrrosky Photo by: @im_mishka_the_husky 1. Escape Artist – These dogs can find their way out of anything! Make sure to never leave any door, crate, or window unsupervised. They love to figure things out and will even weasel themselves out of the smallest of spaces. 2. Super Playful – Huskies are always […]

25 Top Doberman Pinscher Boy Names.

“It’s not a home without FUR-kids.” – anonymous Photo by: @gryff_the_doberman 1. Gryffindor – After the movie Harry Potter, this name is wonderful if you are a fan! It also is great to use in addition to many nicknames like, Griff, Griffin, Fin, etc. origin: American 2. Maska – This super cool name means “strong and brave.” It is an […]

Why Great Danes Make Great Pets!

Photo by: @great_dane_atlas 1. Mild-mannered What a joy to live with! The Great Dane is known for being very gentle. Despite their enormous size, these pups are great with children of any size or age. They are definitely lovers not fighters. 2. Your best bud Great Danes have a way into your heart like no other! These giants will make […]

Golden Retrievers: 10 Best Dog Quotes.

Love between a dog and a human is always a mutual thing! At least it should be. This list is as close to the love we share as written-ly possible. Photo by: @luluthelondoner 1. “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras Photo by: @golden.macmillan 2. “No one can fully understand the meaning […]

25 Top Pit Bull Boy Names.

“Don’t bully my breed.” -Pit Bull Owners Photo by: @abe.pit 1. Abraham – This is a very biblical name meaning “father of many nations.” If you are very spiritual this might be the name for you! origin: Hebrew 2. Sebastian – A very popular name, but also a very masculine one. There are many different bullys out there that would […]

25 Top Pit Bull Girl Names.

“The only thing inherently dangerous about Pit Bulls is an uneducated opinion.” -Anonymous Photo by: @aspen_fay 1.Aspen – Inspired by nature. This girly name is ideal for any pit bull in your life. origin: English 2. Baby – This is a very endearing name for your special girl. Whether she’s a small puppy or strong adult, this will fit perfectly! […]

Vizsla: An Underrated Breed.

“The Velcro Dog.” Photo by: @birdietheredvizsla Photo by: @laszlo.the.vizsla 1. Energetic These pups are a part of the sporting dog club and are considered working dogs. Their high activity level makes them perfect for an agile person. They are very interested in the outdoors and love to explore. One of their favorite activities is running. They are known to be […]

All About the Cocker Spaniel.

Photo by: @cocker_indi There are two types of spaniels: English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. Both equally as cute, these dogs are a fantastic breed with many great qualities about them. These dogs are happy-go-lucky! They are known to always be excited and optimistic about everything. In recent years, they have gained the attention of many families and make […]

My Favorite Dog You-tubers.

YouTube is a great place to find out more about dogs, or to just keep up with your favorite pups! These channels range from daily vlogs including their dogs, information about different breeds and temperaments, and even dog challenges. 1. Rocky Kanaka 2. Dogumentary TV 3. Liam Murphy 4. Tyrell Frye 5. Derek554

Mixed Breeds of the Month | September 2019

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd There are several benefits from owning a mixed breed dog. They have longer life spans than pure bred dogs. Usually from a shelter, you are making room for more homeless dogs. More genetic variety. No need to worry about diseases caused by inbreeding. Less costly adoption fees. No one will have a dog like yours. Overall healthier […]

What I Love About Dachshunds.

Your typical wiener dog. Full of life and full of joy! These pups are a super common family pet. They even made it on the American Kennel Club’s top 10. 1.Courageous Despite their small size, these hot dogs are known to go after larger animals if they feel threatened. Some might say they don’t know their actual size. 2. Quirky […]

25 Top German Shepherd Boy Names

“Some things just fill your heart without trying.” ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’™ Anonymous 1.Gunner – meaning bold warrior, this name is perfect for a big strong dog. origin: Scandinavian 2. Luther – relating to the army, this would be suiting for a working dog or a police dog! origin: German 3. Apollo – an […]

Why Shih Tzus are AMAZING Dogs.

1.Cuddly Shih Tzus are the perfect size and fluffiness for a nice cuddle. There fur is just like your favorite blanket or teddy bear…. (but even better.) Not to mention they are superb lap warmers! 2. Friendly These cuties are social butterflies! It isn’t hard to win over there love and affection, especially when holding a tasty treat. They are […]

Gunner + Genesis

Meet Gunner & Genesis! These two are the best of “furiends.” Gunner @gunnerdobgsd is a mix. I always thought that he was a mix between a German Shepherd & a Doberman Pinscher. After further DNA testing, it was confirmed he is not. We were shocked to find out Gunner is actually five breeds. 50% German Shepherd Dog, 12.5% American Staffordshire […]