Mixed Breeds of the Month | September 2019

Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd There are several benefits from owning a mixed breed dog. They have longer life spans than pure bred dogs. Usually from a shelter, you are making room for more homeless dogs. More genetic variety. No need to worry about diseases caused by inbreeding. Less costly adoption fees. No one will have a dog like yours. Overall healthier dog. French Bulldog + Pug Photo by: @tillythefrug PIT BULL + Chihuahua + German Shepherd Photo by: @ezrathepitty Catahoula Leopard Dog + Black Mouth Cur Photo by: @bruiserthehoula Pit Bull + Bull Dog + Terrier Photo by: @dexthepitmix Labrador Retriever + Collie + Australian Shepherd Photo by: @doegees_life Belgian Malinois + Dutch Shepherd Photo by: @adamae.the.malinios.mix Labrador Retriever + Greyhound Photo by: @lili.longstocking Vizsla + Cocker Spaniel Photo by: @the.sunnie.life Cocker Spaniel + Shih Tzu Photo by: @tiloupboy Corgi + Rottweiler + Cattle Dog Photo by: @zeldog_themutt Carolina Dog + Husky Photo by: @kaiyathepapayaaa Australian Shepherd + German Shepherd + Husky Photo by: @theworldofrussell

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