The Unbelievable Truth About CBD For Dogs.

Whether your looking for a calming remedy for your pup or to help with pain/health issues CBD treats are a great option! Photo by: @gunnerdobgsd Dope Dog Treats offer an array of products infused with CBD Oil. Everything from treats to shampoo! Their ingredient lists are kept short and sweet, leaving out any unnecessary junk. CBD/Hemp Oil is 100% safe for dogs of all ages. Dope Dog Treats supply CBD only products that contain no THC. Your dog will not get high from ingesting CBD in any way! Some Things To Keep In Mind: *Ask your vet before introducing CBD products if your dog is on any other medications.* *Read packaging to figure out the proper dosage for your dog. This varies by weight.* Follow them on Instagram: @dopedogtreats Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What does CBD stand for? A: Cannabidiol Q: Will CBD get my dog high? A: No, products that contain only CBD and no THC will not get your dog high. Q: How does CBD work? A: In short, CBD is a chemical that increases your use of natural cannabiniods. It can help with pain and inflammation, chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, and behavior problems. Photo by: @genesis.gsd These treats are hand-crafted and made in small quantities to retain freshness. Their products are a great alternative to other medicines that can be harmful in the long run. It is their goal to help improve the lives of many dogs, […]

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