Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?

Photo by: @genesis.gsd Using a kennel to train dogs is a very controversial topic with many pros and cons. While many people go back and forth with what choice is right, they ultimately forget that they do have options! This article is written in hopes of educating more dog owners and providing them with an unbiased opinion. While it is always the owners choice, here are some things to consider. PRO: Provides a safe space for dogs. If you are worried about your pup getting into trouble when you are distracted or not home, a kennel provides them with the security you both need! While it’s always recommended to keep anything harmful or valuable out of your dog’s reach, we know it’s not always easy. Keeping them safely enclosed in their own area with toys and blankets with give them a comfy space. There will be no worries when you are out, because you will know they are safe. CON: Your dog will despise the crate. At first, your dog may not like being contained in a crate. Especially if they have a lot of energy. They also may not like it if they can see you having fun without them. It is not uncommon for your dog to whimper or cry when first going into their crate. This is usually just separation anxiety and most dogs have it. Some tips to alleviate this: Make the crate a fun thing. […]

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